Representative services for labor disputes

The services of a lawyer specializing in labor disputes will help your business minimize the risks of labor conflicts with personnel. Existing legislation is often violated both by employees and by employers. In practice, situations often arise where an employee abuses their rights, fails to fulfill their duties, or does not show up for work. Conversely, an employer may refuse to pay salary, provide vacation, or wrongfully dismiss an employee. In practice, there are companies that not only regularly fail to comply with legislation but also deliberately violate its norms.

We provide our services to foreign employees and foreign companies.

When labor disputes arise, the services of a labour lawyer will come to the rescue. Timely recourse to a professional will help restore rights, avoid financial losses, and obtain all due payments. Legal support is provided on issues such as theft, damage to employer property, wrongful termination, delay or non-payment of salary and other types of payments, staff reduction, employee liability, refusal of official registration, incomplete performance of employee duties, etc. We also work with collective claims by employees for non-payment of wages or incorrect calculation, etc.

Our specialists have extensive experience both in the field of proper personnel documentation, which will help minimize the risks of labor disputes in the future, and in supporting existing labor disputes.

What do we offer?

  • Legal consultation on labor relations;
  • Wage claim from the employer to the employee;
  • Challenging illegal actions of the employer or employee;
  • Holding the employer or employee liable;
  • Contesting the dismissal of an employee, transfer to another job, reinstatement at work;
  • Recovery of wages for time off;
  • Preparation of claims and lawsuits, other procedural documents;
  • Challenging the employer's orders of disciplinary action;
  • Conducting legal expertise of labor agreements, other documentation;
  • Services for staff reduction with minimal risks for the employer;
  • Conducting negotiations with the employer (employee);
  • Representation in court.

Protecting the rights of both parties

Our lawyers will help you effectively resolve tasks and challenges related to a labor dispute. We are ready to represent your interests favorably in relations with the other party or in court.

We provide our services in English, Kazakh, and Russian languages.

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