Company registration in Kazakhstan

We proactively assess your business needs in Kazakhstan and tailor our services accordingly. Depending on the Client's requirements, we offer assistance in registering either a company or a branch/representative office. Alternatively, purchasing an existing company with the necessary permits, such as licenses, may better suit your needs. Recognizing the uniqueness of each business situation, we don't just register companies, we also can make a corporate structure if needed, ensuring the long-term success of your business.

Our legal firm provides registration services for LLPs (Limited Liability Partnerships), branches, and representative offices, which includes:

  1. We determine the optimal organizational and legal form based on your case.
  2. We assist in obtaining the Individual Identification Number (IIN) and Electronic Signature (E-Signature) for the Director and Founder.
  3. We prepare the constitute documents and appointment order for the Director.
  4. If necessary, we arrange for notarized translation of documents.
  5. We assist with providing a virtual legal address or we can help to find an office for your business.
  6. We apply for C5 visa for business- immigrants and C3 work visas.
  7. We register the company with the authorized body.
  8. We register the Director's employment contract on the website.
  9. We assist in opening bank accounts.
  10. We make the company seal.

Company Registration Process in Kazakhstan

To register a company in Kazakhstan, it is necessary to first determine the organizational and legal form of the company, depending on your business needs. This could be an LLP, JSC (Joint-Stock Company), branch, or representative office.

Please see below step by step stages of Company registration:

  • Typically, an LLP is the optimal form for conducting business in Kazakhstan.
  • The founder(s) and/or director of the LLP need to obtain an IIN and digital signature. As of 2024, personal presence of the applicant is required for obtaining the IIN; obtaining it through a power of attorney is no longer possible.
  • To determine the types of activities the company will engage in and specify its Economic Activity Classifier (ОКЭД).
  • To check in advance whether licenses and permits are required for the company's activities.
  • To determine the amount of the authorized capital, considering the company's financing needs. The minimum capital requirement is 100 tenge.
  • To check the uniqueness of the company name in the state database. The company name must be specified in the founding documents in three languages: Kazakh, Russian, and English.
  • To notarize and apostille or legalize the documents.
  • To Notarize the translation of documents into Kazakh and Russian.
  • To prepare the founding documents of the company (Charter, Founding Agreement, minutes/resolution on the establishment of the company in Kazakh and Russian).
  • To register the company with the authorized body, "Government for Citizens" (takes 1-3 working days), which can be done via power of attorney or online.

 the company seal (1 working day).

  • To open bank accounts in Kazakhstani banks (up to 3 working days).

Frequently Asked Questions and Special Features:

  1. A foreign citizen can be the director of an LLP. If a 100% foreign-owned company or a foreign citizen is the founder of the company in Kazakhstan, the director does not need to obtain a work permit. It is sufficient to obtain an annual multiple-entry business visa of category C3, in case he needs to visit Kazakhstan. Work permit and visa are not required for citizens of EAEU countries. After signing an employment contract, they need to obtain a Temporary Residence Permit for one year.
  2. C5 Visa: Before registering an LLP, the founder, as an individual, must obtain a business immigrant visa of category C5. Registering a company without obtaining C5 visa subsequently invalidates the company's registration. The C5 visa can be obtained upon invitation from a Kazakhstani company, such as a law firm assisting with a registration process.
  3. For IT Companies: If you are an IT company and your activities fall under the priority activities of the "Astana Hub" International IT Startup Technopark, your company may receive tax benefits and exemptions from obtaining work permits for foreign personnel by becoming a member of "Astana Hub."
  4. Opening a Representative Office or Branch in Kazakhstan: Representative offices and branches are separate units of foreign companies in Kazakhstan. Representative offices are opened to protect and represent the interests of a foreign company in Kazakhstan. A branch can perform the functions of a foreign legal entity in Kazakhstan. The registration procedure and terms for a branch and representative office are similar to those for an LLP.

We offer services in English, Kazakh, and Russian.

Contact us to discuss details and receive a commercial proposal.

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