Legal outsourcing

What is a meaning of outsourcing?

Legal outsourcing is delegation of certain functions related to the servicing of the activities of Company, individual entrepreneur, or individual to an organization specializing in providing such services.

Today outsourcing allows for a reduction in operational costs while maintaining high-quality goods and services. The main principle of outsourcing is: "I do the work that I can do better than others, and I delegate to the executor what they can do better than others." You focus on doing your business, while we handle the operational routine.

Our specialists have practical experience how to work with both Kazakhstani and foreign companies.

We work remotely and, if necessary, partially on-site at the client's location.

Advantages of legal outsourcing over an in-house lawyer:

  • Absence of expenses for employee insurance, pension, and tax contributions;
  • No need to set up a workspace for a lawyer;
  • No need to pay for vacation and sick leave;
  • Reduced risk of labor disputes;
  • Our specialists have experience in various industries and continuously update their knowledge.

What is included in legal subscription services (legal outsourcing):

  • Verbal and written consultations on the application of legislation of Kazakhstan;
  • Legal expertise of (international) contracts, agreements, and other documents;
  • Preparation of opinions on legal issues related to the activities of companies and individual entrepreneurs;
  • Registration of new legal entities and re-registration of existing ones;
  • Development of draft contracts, agreements, and other legal documents;
  • Termination of employees;
  • Amendments to the founding documents of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs and notification of authorized bodies;
  • Change of the first director of a legal entity;
  • Obtaining residence permits and work visas of categories C5, C3, etc.;
  • Obtaining BIN, IIN for non-residents;
  • Participation in negotiations with counterparties on contract conclusion, reconciliation of discrepancies and contradictions, debt repayment, etc.;
  • Pre-trial work, including measures to recover receivables;
  • Representation of clients' interests in relations with state bodies, departments, and organizations, officials, legal and natural persons;
  • Legal support for real estate transactions, including long-term lease (consultation, transaction security check, contract preparation, state registration of rights to real estate objects);
  • Information support for the client's activities (regulatory materials, reference information);
  • Other legal assistance within the framework of the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The cost of legal outsourcing services in each specific case is determined individually, based on the volume and complexity of the tasks set by the client. Companies' legal subscription services are provided by lawyers with extensive practical experience in various fields of law.

We provide services in English, Kazakh, and Russian.

Contact us to discuss details and receive a commercial proposal. Email us Describe your situation, and we will find the optimal solution.

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